Technical Support
We provide rapid and complete technical assistance

To ensure stable results in the long term, regular inspection and maintenance of instruments are indispensable. Nevertheless, if it ever becomes necessary to repair or restore your units, we and our distributor partners will be ready to assist you.

On-site support: whether a technician visit is required, we provide the on-site service. The support starts with troubleshooting the reported issue, the repairing step of the unit and the final verification of the instrument. All the operations are performed to guarantee the complete resolution of the problem and to ensure the best performance of the system.


Remote support: the majority of the issue could be easily solved remotely. We offer support through different systems: email, website and phone calls


Training: Our team of specialists is at your disposal to provide comprehensive coverage of your application and protocols to ensure qualified analytical and application consulting.

Helpline: +86 400 920 0120


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